Brand Identity - Logo Creation

Logos, business cards and stationary systems to help create a professional and meaningful business image.

Designed logo to depict a philosophy of treating animals humanely. The addition of the human elements, a heart and caring hands cradling the animals strengthens the organizations overall messaging.

Designed logo and stationary system to emphasize the client’s year-round landscaping services. It combines organic symbolism with a clean,  professional and friendly  style.

Designed logo for local high school girls soccer team. The logo reflects the teams colors and emits the a sense of energy and action to match that of the game and the team.


DALC helps students become more effective lifelong learners, family members, workers, and citizens. This logo symbolizes growth, development, life long learning, calmness, education and hope.

Another version of the DALC logo that emphasizes the spark and energy of learning, community, development, education, family and the desire to keep learning.

The business owner wanted a logo that was serene and relaxing to mimic how her client’s are made to feel when massaged at her practice. The stylized body shape hovering over the text gives the impression of one lying on a massage table.

A logo created for a design firm that quickly and easily communicates their infinite graphic design and print capabilities as well as their their fun personalities.

This logo was designed for an e-business store that creates custom labels for wine, beer and water bottles. The client wanted a design that was fun, graphically showcased their product and appealed to their clients.

A logo designed for a fictional sun glass company. The requirements were to design a unique and hip logo that would appeal to young adults.


A logo created for a local oil pastel art group. The logo mimics an oil pastel stroke in the background. This logo is versatile in that the pastel stroke can be changed to any color as it is depicts the colors in an artist’s palette and coincides with the representation of the group.


Brand Identity - Business Cards